Frequently Asked Questions

How technologically advanced are the races in Voronia?

In Voronia, the races are generally in a medieval technological state. The picture of their technology can hopefully be illustrated by castles, lanterns, torches, swords, bows, and crossbows. Science and engineering are important to some, and are generally kept secret through organizations protecting masonry and alchemy. The Icenti are not quite as advanced as most other races, and the Vildar Independecia (of Aedukara) are much more advanced than other races. They have begun a technological revolution, innovating their weapons, architecture, and economy with the discovery of steam power (used primarily for mechanical motion).

What are the major sources of energy / power in Voronia?

Most races still use fire the primary energy source. Torches and lanterns provide light. Fire itself provides heat. The Independent The Vildar have started using steam for power and heat. The Aesontara and Icenti primarily use fire, but sometimes use magic for power or heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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