Iralyah (pronounced ih-‘rahl-yuh) is the common name (adopted from the native Icenti name) of the ’new world’ continent being colonized by Elves, Humans, and Dwarves on the planet Voronia.

Political climate

Iralyah is divided roughly into seven regions politically: North Berethia, South Berethia, Guritzbar, Aedukara, Amruín, Nyacar, and Peramia.

North and South Berethia belong to the same human kingdom, but are divided geographically. Guritzbar belongs to the united dwarven kingdoms.
Aedukara belongs to the independent dwarves.
Amruín belongs to the elven kingdom.
Nyacar and Peramia both belong to different human kingdoms (also different from North and South Berethia).

The three human kingdoms are in a power struggle with each other. The two dwarven colonies originally belonged to the united dwarven kingdoms, but Aedukara claimed independence. After only a small amount of fighting, the united dwarven kingdoms granted their independence. The elves are not interested in gaining power at all, but in preserving the natural resources, Icenti culture and artifacts, and sacred locations in Iralyah.


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