The Icenti (pronounced ih-’sen-tee), are a race of people native to Iralyah. They tend to live in villages, placing a high value on social norms. They are generally friendly to outsiders, though they are not happy with the way the other nations abused the hospitality. The Icenti utilize magic in a unique form to do all kinds of daily tasks.


The World Voice spoke and created a being after her thoughts. A being that could carry her voice as a light in the darkness. This being, Ah Balahm, wielded great power. His tongue, like silver flame, flattened mountains, pulled lakes up from the depths, and grew forests. But this power was too much. Ah Balahm struggled to keep all of the knowledge and power of the knowledge in his head. Over time it began to tear him apart from the inside – it was too much for one being in the terrestrial plane. His pain grew and grew until his head literally split into two halves. The World Voice realized that her voice had been silenced. She decided to create new beings. She whispered, and created twenty two beings, each of them after one of the sounds of her voice. Each of these were marked with a sound, directly on their chest, and were created to embody one of the characteristics of the World Voice. To three of these, she revealed her full intentions to have her voice carried on. These three became the first scribes. The other nineteen went on to form the first of the Icenti civilization.

The scribes carried the utmost respect of the Icenti, and thus dedicated their life to the study of the World Voice, her language, and how to best carry on her message.

The Icenti grew and flourished, spreading over all of Iralyah. They followed the World Voice as she guided their dominion over all of the lesser beings throughout the land of Iralyah.

Eventually, the first twenty two (known as the first ones), passed away as they gave way to old age. As each one died, their bodies were buried in a circle around the mountain where they were spoken into being. Monumental (in all senses of the word) stones were erected above the graves, and each stone carried the name of the deceased. These stones represent the essence of the World Voice. The mountain encircled by the stones is considered the most sacred place in all of the world.

Now their way of life is threatened as other races discover and colonize Iralyah. The outsiders were offered land as a token of good will. Many of the other races took more than what was offered, however. As a primarily peaceful people, the Icenti did not fight back. But now, as time and land are running out, it will likely be necessary.


Icenti tend to be about 6’ 6" when fully grown, heavier than elves but lighter than humans of that size. They have unique purple eyes with large Irises and flat, square noses.



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